Saturday, November 4, 2017

Converting USA stocks to bitcoin, ether and cryptocurrencies

I have been making 5% per month off trading options, and making 3% per month passive income via a Singapore scheme.
I have been happy with my monthly returns, until recently where I learnt of the explosive returns in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ETH, NEO and etc where growth is hundreds % growth per month.
I need to learn and master this.

I have decided to slowly shift my money from USA stocks to cryptocurrencies

This is at the start of Nov 2017. I still have a few weeks to end my Season playing, after which I will withdraw the bulk to focus in bitcoin and ether mining.

Meanwhile, here is some of my own mining at my warehouse.

Stay tuned as I update more on my bitcoin journey!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Renovation of HDB MG Jumbo flat - 5 bedrooms 147sqm Post 3





floor tiles are up. This is the lobby when you first enter our homes.


Living hall of the sub unit.


#1 Bedroom of the subunit

#2 bedroom of the sub unit


#2 bedroom of the sub unit


Living hall of the main unit


Kitchen of the sub unit


Kitchen of the main unit

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Renovation of HDB MG Jumbo flat - 5 bedrooms 147sqm Post 2

Renovation of HDB MG flat - 5 bedroom units 147sqm

Let the hacking begin!


First we demolish the tiles....  The wall marked X are going to be demolished too...


The place is full of debris...


Feel guilty for creating so much construction waste.


Most of the walls are demolished...


The kitchen wall is finally demolished.


After cleaning up the debris


so much neater and cleaner with the debris removed.


Kitchen looks bigger without the walls.


And now, to build new walls and prepare for the tiling works....


The new wall is up... and the tiling materials are coming in.....


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Renovation of HDB MG Jumbo flat - 5 bedrooms 147sqm Post 1

A Simple Summary of the Renovation beginnings...

Day 1 - Let the demolition man begins!


Day 2 - More than halfway done

Walls are down, cleaning up begins....

The debris are removed...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our wedding day videos

Wahahhaa my wedding video!
Good memories! =)

The solemnisation and the wedding dinner...

It is kinda fun getting married, just... damn expensive. lol


And this is the proposal video.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Facebook displays ads based on what you chat on Whatsapp

Well it seems that facebook has been browsing the conversations between your friends and you on whatsapp and blasting you with adverts that are relevant to you.

I am a non techy person who do not handle nor know tech words like web hosting, general assembly, UX / UI. but recently I was exposed to adverts on facebook to use "vodien"

Vodien is an internet web hosting company, something that I only learnt recently from a whatsapp group chat, where many tech people were discussing what web host services to use. I was just listening in the chat and was not even participating.
Beside the whatsapp chat, I have never heard and used this word anywhere.

Within 24 hours, I saw some adverts for Vodien in facebook

And Yes, whatsapp is owned by Facebook, which paid USD $19 billion for it. I guess facebook has to start making money from it.

I have trollers as friends- Considering that they use facebook too, they were blasting all those words for mutual self-destruction.
I was wondering if this may just be a weird coincidence, but after a day of chatting about UX / UI experience, one of the rare times I actually participated in such a technical conversation, I got these on my facebook adverts.

Yup. Definitely not a coincidence.

Here is something for all to read... how all your info are leaked out...

Good luck protecting your privacy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

What is silver stacking?

What is silver stacking?
Silver Stacking (or Gold Stacking) is the habit of accumulating tangible assets, not intangible ones like paper certificates, in the forms of coins or bullions such as bars, rounds or ingots.
Generally bullions such as bar has less premium price, hence it is better value for money since you can also purchase a large bar for cost savings. If you can afford it, you can purchase a large bar monthly.

Coins are favoured usually because it can be smaller in weightage, and hence, easier to start stacking up. It is also preferred as when you wish to liquidate due to needs such as holidays or emergencies, you may not need to sell a large bullion but just a few coins.
Also, coins can carry numismatic value which can be appreciated by collectors.
silver stacking in singapore
there are lots of coins for collectors
Why would you want to stack silver?
Firstly, silver stacking is an excellent hedge against inflation, just like gold. It increases in value as inflation reduce how much your dollar can buy. Secondly, both silver and gold possess an intrinsic store of value, which is the main reason why people wants to invest it it. It is this store of value that silver and gold is used as money in the past as well as demanded by national government reserves all over the world.

Also, both gold and especially silver has huge and increasing demands from industrial manufacturers, from our cars to mobile phone to solar panels and generators.
One huge reason for silver stacking is as an investment to profit or hedge against financial crisis. The Great Recession from 2008 has led to huge amount of printing money by the USA government, the Euro bank, and even Japan and China government. There is fear of a global financial currency crisis and people’s currency will lose tremendous value. In a global dollar collapse, hyperinflation will rear its ugly head out. A flight to safety will take root and people with real gold and silver physical holdings will benefit. This is especially so as current paper gold and silver trading is a few hundred times OVER the physical assets silver available. In a big crisis, these paper values may not hold water.

Silver stackers invest weekly or monthly in some form of silvers, knowing that they will profit and sleep well in troubled times. Silver and gold has dropped and stay flat, this is a great opportunity to invest and stack up. Stackers know that the fundamental demand for silver and gold is real, because we using so much iPad, solar panels, smartphones and etc, and yet the mines’ production has been lagging.

Silver Stacking means you buy what you can afford to keep for a raining day. If you just cut down on some luxury spending or gourmet coffee and buy 10oz a month instead, you will have 600oz saved up in 5 years. If silver price move from $17 to just a mere $25, you see an almost 50% increase in your portfolio.

Start silver stacking- is proud to offer free delivery at no extra costs.

If you like gold or silver, go ahead and like to update for your own personal wealth portfolio. 
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