Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alvin and Vivian

Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee, are we that great to judge them?
Alvin and Vivian post Q&A Youtube Video]
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You know, I think the saddest thing for Alvin and Vivian is not the publicity (or rather, the notoriety). After all, they choose to blog and publish their sex lives, with graphic photos, videos and articles. I believe there is 1 video of Vivian giving Alvin a blowjob, and a video of Alvin "raping" Vivian in a role-playing video.

The saddest thing (for them) is the internet community calling Vivian a tranny!!
i can't stop laughing over this....
No choice, Singapore society still not very accepting of homosexuals and transgender relationship, much less transgender porn.
I can imagine somebody at NUS saw the short hair guy and long hair ah beng tranny and went OMFG, my eyes!!!! huat is seen cannotch be unseen, then sibei dulan early morning see this kind of thing, so insist on taking action.
Source: EDMW Forum
I admit she is not the prettiest flower in the meadows, but come on... to see many forum users questioning her gender and asking whether she is a tranny, that is a little bit harsh. 
Dont be so mean!

See!! she's not so bad!!
Stop saying she is tranny! =D although I laughed hard... i just thought it is pretty hurtful to be called a tranny.... lol.
And we have people saying Alvin can get a better girlfriend... lol

whatever man.

For those interested in the other side of the story, well, Benjamin Cheah, a friend of Alvin and Vivian has defended the couple, and argues that TNP (The New Paper) has not verified facts of the story, and has chosen to sensationalise and dramatise the story. Read about his side of the story here....

This isn’t news. This is a slime job masquerading as moral guardianship pretending to be news.
The New Paper doesn’t even pretend to be objective. The front page says it all. The words ‘SO GROSS!’ will tend to have a negative influence on most readers. Because it is not stated as a quote, it appears as though the paper itself is saying that to the audience, not someone else. That is not the job of any newspaper, even if it’s a tabloid.

Uhm dude, even the Straits Times cannot be objective, let alone  THE NEW PAPER, our national tabloid! :D

I much prefer to to see it as 2 people who loves each other. =)


Simon Hew said...

You only post pictures of vivian where she cam whored for the camera. She knows that to hide her flaws she has to have shots taken at a 45 degree angle. Why don't you put up candid pictures of her? Have you seen her when she opens her mouth? She looks like a horse! Her eyes are so far apart, it reminds one of a crab. And her jawline looks as though she is suffering from a bad case of the mumps. Not bad, my foot! She does look like a tranny.

Cherub said...

haha. but then if u browse most people's photos in facebook, most people pose for their photos! and they put the best photos up. =)

haha dont say her till like that.. though i lol-ed at your "crab" comment...

Simon Hew said...

Exactly, my point. Only the nice pictures were shown in your blog when you said she was not bad...Any lau ah mah can look 20 years younger and gorgeous when taken at the right angle with the right make up and lightings. I forgot to add earlier that not only does she have a horsemouth ( probably the reason she cannot enunciate her words properly, therefore speaking English like an ah lian) one can also see clearly she is very short, hence causing her head to look too large in proportion to the rest of her body. Okay lah, i'll be kind and won't say she looks like a tranny, but she sure does remind me of the red queen in Alice in Wonderland! :-) ...shudders

Cherub said...

haha!! house-mouthed red queen. lol

it would be tough to win u in an insult argument. =D

Simon Hew said...

Two midgets with oversized heads attached to their necks, showing off their private body parts is not a sight that one can easily behold.

Cherub said...

i saw the videos too...

it was... haha, not exactly enticing. :D

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