Monday, December 10, 2012

Singapore Ang Bao Rates for Wedding 2012/2013

For those who are foreign to Chinese customs, it is traditional for guests of wedding dinners give red-packets stuffed with money as a "gift" to newly wedded. It is meant as a gift to start their journey together as a couple. In Singapore, this "gift" is meant to help defray the large costs of wedding dinner.

It is considered impolite to give too little, in relative to the costs of the dinner.
And you won't want to give too much too.

So there is this Ang Bao rate, an unofficial guide to how much to pack for wedding dinners.

In China, the angbao money given is staggering, especially for the upper class. Large angbao money is given to highlight the status of the giver, and the angbao money is more than enough to offset the costs of the banquet. It is definitely considered to start the journey for a newly wedded, with the amount collected more than enough for downpayment for their new homes or car.
It is a huge drain in the pocket for the guests... but what to do, Chinese loves to "save face".

I am so glad I am not living in China.

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