Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alvin and Vivian in court over eating bak kut teh

Alvin and Vivian, the sex bloggers are in the news again...

Previous stories:-

For those not familiar, this is a photo of them eating "bak kut teh", a chinese dish of pork ribs soup. And in Islamic majority Malaysia, pork is haram, or forbidden in Islam.
Paired with the malay greeting in the photo for breaking fast in the holy month of Ramadan, this photo can be considered damn offensive to many religious people...

No wonder they have been charged and detained without bail.....

These are the charges they face

a) Section 5 of the Film Censorship Act 2002 for publishing indecent photographs online between July 6 and 7. If found guilty they can be fined not less than RM10,000 or not more than RM50,000 and or imprisoned for not exceeding five years;

b) 298A Penal Code for promoting enmity between different groups of religion or race and doing acts prejudicial to maintaining harmony by publishing an offensive Ramadan greeting which carries a minimum jail term of two years or a maximum of five years; and

c) Section 4(1) (c) of the 1948 Sedition Act for posting seditious material through the offensive greeting which carries fine maximum fine of RM5,000.

Honestly I think their sex lives and swinging lifestyle is their own private affairs, and no one should judge them if they truly enjoy what they do. Its their choices... but for 2 educated person to do that dumb thing and offend the public and worse of all, breaking the laws.... thats really dumb.
Wasn't Alvin a law student???

Really just enough blood for only 1 head....

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