Monday, December 30, 2013

What if the devil is just misunderstood?

Read the comment at this 9gag article.
It think its fantastic.

northerangle 625 points · 3 days ago
What if... actually .... satan... is the good guy?
tom90098 459 points · 2 days ago
he does punish the bad
xoxomark 300 points · 2 days ago
Well, he takes in those unwanted souls that were rejected from heaven. Also, he punishes those that has done evil. I think it's fair to say he's abit misunderstood(?)
done06 19 points · 2 days ago
Science man! Leave them alone!
scott_willders 39 points · 2 days ago
he also understands human nature.
according to christians he punishes the people who don't believe in god.
amkhir 38 points · 2 days ago
According to jews..... THERS NO HELL SO FUCK OFF
devilman2 27 points · 2 days ago
Satan gave me the ability to punch people through the internet, as payment i just have to write FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN each time i do it.
jckwe 52 points · 2 days ago
fenken 39 points · 2 days ago
Actually, the devil gave humans critical thinking, which God didn't want. He wanted us to not eat from the tree of knowledge of whatever the hell so we could basically be thought-slaves for eternity, but the devil did us a favour and turned the tables there with a single conversation. Also, the devil killed a grand total of 10 people, while God killed somewhere around 2.3 million.
fenken 47 points · 2 days ago
He understands human nature, but doesn't judge you for being human. He accepts God's unwanted children unconditionally. And still, he's being hated. Why? Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's our silent guardian, a watchful guardian.

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