Thursday, March 6, 2014

Istanbul the magnificient

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As my first post in wiseoftheday, I'd like to make us all a bit more wiser by encouraging more of us to travel to distant nations to dip ourselves in foreign cultures and languages.  In this episode, we bring you my five day travels to the capital of Turkey, Istanbul almost two years ago.
Ayasophia or Hagia Sophia viewed from the blue mosque.
Modern Turkey started after the fall of the Ottoman empire at the end of the first world war by a turkish mitilary officer Atatürk.  Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman empire therefore it is very heavily populated by many different types of people such as Greeks, Armenians, Jews and Kurds.

Visually impaired man playing a turkish traditional instrument in the Metro station.

Inside the Hagia Sophia.  It was once a cathedral which was then converted to a mosque.  Now it is a museum.

I think this is Taksim street.  A major shopping and tourist street in Istanbul.

The only street that has a tram car.

Sidewalk tea and coffee shop.  Very popular with the local populace.

View from Galata tower.  There is the Bosphorus strait.
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