Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dating Websites - they are a good way to interact

I wrote about dating websites in a Quora question, and though of sharing it here.


Dating websites, or social websites are actually pretty decent.

Sure, there is a percentage of weird people. People with no good social skills, or desperate people who came to the websites with the wrong motives.
In fact, i even met cheaters and tricksters, who were out to trick people's money via some elaborate scams or friendship.

But by and large, majority of the people there are just people looking for friends, but similar to you, have a small social cycle.
It could be due to unfamiliarity due to moving from another city. It could be shyness. It could be due to heavy workload that leaves little time for making friends. Or it could be due to boring colleagues or acquaintances in workplace. 
Or it could be just fate....

Majority of people are nice, and dating /friends websites are the best place to know more people and make friends. I made many good friends from these sites.

Even if you are the one with no social skills, the websites help to find people who can match to your characters.

Just make sure you google dating websites, google reviews. And please try the free, more fun versions before you paid for anything.
(I won't recommend any, but suffice to say www.okcupid.com is free!)

(The worst kind of people I find, are those who dont bother to be interesting, dont bother to be fashionable, dont have attractive qualities, yet complain the other people in the websites dont look like Victoria's Secrets Models. These people do badly in real life, and they carry the bad aura into these websites as well)

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