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How to Scrap your car in Singapore

UPDATE: you will also get cash on the spot, if you go through the scrap brokers (quotz). The LTA scrapyard process will net you a cheque a few weeks later.

Singapore cars are only allowed to have a 10 years COE, after which, LTA would allow you to extend 5 more years, for a pro-rated price, or you have to scrap the car.

Given that COE prices are now astronomical, probably double or triple of the original car costs... not many singaporeans would ever choose to extend the COE. Unless your car is super emo.... 

(Come to think of that, the government earns more selling that piece of paper than the car manufacturer selling a fully functional car)

When your 10 year COE is up, LTA will send you a transaction pin and allow you a few options to de-register your car.
Good news is you can get a few bucks from de-registering your car.

If you are trading in your car to an Authorised Dealer, chances are You can TRADE IN your car.
If you are not going to buy a new car, or has to deal with a Parallel Importer, you may have to DIY to deregister to scrap your car.

You can
a) scrapping your vehicle on your own with LTA
or b) sell to a broker to export your vehicle out.

Keep the transactional pin that LTA will mail you early.

  • Obtain a Transaction Pin.Please click here for more information on Transaction PIN.
  • Submit an online application to authorise a submitter to de-register your vehicle at the scrap yard;
  • Send the vehicle to one of the Appointed Scrap Yard Operators within 5 calendar days of your online application. Otherwise, the application will lapse and you will have to re-apply. Please note that your vehicle will remain registered until it is de-registered at the scrap yard; and
  • Bring along the following:
  •  (i) Duly completed de-registration application form;
  • (ii) Original NRIC (Singaporean, Singapore PRs & Malaysian) or Passport (foreigner other than Malaysian) of the submitter authorised by you to de-register the car at the scrap yard; or
  • (iii) Original Identification Document(s) of the vehicle owner (Click here for the list of identification documents required) if no authorised submitter is appointed online; and
  • (iv) Road Tax Fees (if the road tax is outstanding at the point of vehicle de-registration).
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA) will notify the last registered owner of the vehicle's de- registration, the details of any PARF/COE rebate(s) and/or arrears of road tax/late renewal fee(s), if applicable.
List Of Appointed Scrap Yard Operators
Company/AddressContact NoOperating Hours
Hup Lee Leong Hardware Pte Ltd
26 Sungei Kadut St 3
Singapore 729153
Tel: 6363 5055 / 6367 0019Monday to Friday:
8.30am - 5.30pm
8.30am - 4.30pm
Kim Hock Corporation
Pte Ltd
10 Benoi Road
Singapore 629885
Tel: 6862 3883 / 6862 1881Monday to Friday:
9am - 6pm
Saturday :
9am - 5pm
Sky Metal Pte Ltd
7 Gul Road
Singapore 629364
Tel: 6862 9109Monday to Friday:
9.00am - 5.30pm
9.00am - 12.30pm

For Option B, it is potentially more rewarding.

Do not wait till the last few days to export your car, the lesser days, the more rush for the secondhand dealer, and he will not offer a better price.

I used Option B, and to save troubles, I googled a lot and found

Just key in your information, they will find the best export company that wants to take your car, Within a day, a lady from Quotz called me and quoted me a price that is higher than the LTA deregister values. From what I know, it is the best possible price.
I accepted and the dealer will call me directly.
The dealer did and I agreed to a date to send the car. However on the actual day, due to work, I did not drive to the company in the end.

And I learnt that really cannot wait till last minute. I waited till left 4-5 calendar days, and called up the dealer again. This time he refuse to take the car as it was too rushed.
Thankfully the Quotz customer service called me and offered me at another dealer, which quoted me a slightly lower price due to the rush job, and I just agreed to it...

For the new dealer, instead of driving to his company, he asked me to just drive to the open carpark opposite LTA (10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701).
When you are there, you can go LTA directly to obtain a transactional pin, on the spot, (if you forgotten yours) and with the transactional pin, you
After all, it is still a better price than LTA deregister at DIY.

So there.... happy scrapping!

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