Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Sales- Issey Miyake Baobao Series bags

We are now selling Mulberry and Ted Baker bags online too! Refer to this blog post here
Refer https://carousell.co/dloreangel to the launch of all bags for sales!

white - https://carousell.co/p/11205221
Autumn Season https://carousell.co/p/11375071
Gun Metal Limited Edition- https://carousell.co/p/11201931
Sling Purple - https://carousell.co/p/11374794
Sling Khaki- https://carousell.co/p/11374910
Sling blue- https://carousell.co/p/11203181
(Sorry all the Xmas bags are sold)

UPDATE: We are flying to Europe (Paris, London, Switzerland) in March, so we welcome advanced orders for other famous brands too.

We would be selling Issey Miyake Baobao bags.

All brand new, and comes with worldwide 1 year guaranteed card, from Dec 2014 onwards
We have a limited stocks of each. All poised to sell below retail price.

for all new Baobao bags release.
For those who have carousell app, you can just look for dloreangel

Meanwhile, we are launching three bags today.
(sorry all the 3 bags sold- will relaunch new bags tomorrow)

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