Sunday, October 11, 2015

Facebook displays ads based on what you chat on Whatsapp

Well it seems that facebook has been browsing the conversations between your friends and you on whatsapp and blasting you with adverts that are relevant to you.

I am a non techy person who do not handle nor know tech words like web hosting, general assembly, UX / UI. but recently I was exposed to adverts on facebook to use "vodien"

Vodien is an internet web hosting company, something that I only learnt recently from a whatsapp group chat, where many tech people were discussing what web host services to use. I was just listening in the chat and was not even participating.
Beside the whatsapp chat, I have never heard and used this word anywhere.

Within 24 hours, I saw some adverts for Vodien in facebook

And Yes, whatsapp is owned by Facebook, which paid USD $19 billion for it. I guess facebook has to start making money from it.

I have trollers as friends- Considering that they use facebook too, they were blasting all those words for mutual self-destruction.
I was wondering if this may just be a weird coincidence, but after a day of chatting about UX / UI experience, one of the rare times I actually participated in such a technical conversation, I got these on my facebook adverts.

Yup. Definitely not a coincidence.

Here is something for all to read... how all your info are leaked out...

Good luck protecting your privacy!

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