Saturday, April 5, 2014

Some interesting foreign videography concepts

Singapore videographers are boring.
Creativity seems to be missing... sigh.

I admit I am totally not creative at all, so before any one of you scold me for criticising without providing alternative suggestions.... If I don't know how to cook chicken rice, doesn't mean I cannot complain that the chicken rice is not delicious.

Anyway, I did find some unique and interesting videos.
Its a pity that they are all based overseas.

For example you have this:-
Video cams provided, for the bride/groom and their friends to shoot the videos on their own.
Out-of-the-box! From the UK.

Seriously, i think its a terrific idea. I already pitching this to a certain tech group to help me.
*pray that they will respond positively*

And another shoot-yourself company from the USA

Theslowmotion booth, based in America. If you are interested, here they are:-

They look like having a smashing time. I did found a local company that does this, but unfortunately their editing sucks. Not going to use them. Just in case i'm biased, or for the lack of tastes, i did send the video links of the local products to a few friends, but they are all on line... its just not as fun.

And nothing for me in singapore.... sigh.
singapore, i knew i missed out something when I skipped my secondary arts classes.

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