Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sales of Mulberry & Ted Baker Bags

Mulberry & Ted Baker bags for sales!
Have a great CNY celebration =)

Feel free to refer to https://carousell.co/dloreangel/ for all bags!

We still selling Issey Miyake Bags!

Mulberry bags

Mulberry Bayswater - https://carousell.co/p/12136786/

Ted Baker Tiana Textured Metallic Bow Shopper - https://carousell.co/p/12092647/

Ted Baker Bow Shopper - https://carousell.co/p/12089410/

Ted Baker Savanah Quilted Bag - https://carousell.co/p/12086930/

Thanks for viewing, please feel free to check https://carousell.co/dloreangel/ or this blog post for frequent updates!

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