Monday, January 19, 2015

Onsen with Outdoor Spring in Sapporo Ski Resort

Onsen is a favourite Japanese enjoyment, where you go in, have a nice bath, then soak in hot spring water.
Imagine my surprise at my Rusutsu resort (at Sapporo, Hokkaido) when I found out that the onsen here comes with an outdoor spring.

I can soak in hot spring water, while it is snowing!

Wait till the end of this post for the whole video! Meanwhile, here are the photos from entry till leaving

storage 1

Here is the area you strip down and keep all your clothes. At the left side is a locker system where you can keep your valuables and lock it with a PIN code.


When you enter, you have to bath first to be clean, so that you do not pollute the spring water. The Japanese like to bath sitting down. There are shampoo, shower cream, and even facial wash.

indoor 2

There is a sauna here where you can go and sweat it out. Normal bathing facilites at the side.
The center pool is where you can enjoy the jacuzzi... the temperature is less hot and more endurable.

The small poor at the end, beside the 2 white chairs, is the cold pool. The water is chilling cold (4 degree Celsius i think)
I plunged in and got soooo refreshed. Had to ran out within 5 secs....

indoor 1

This pool has a much higher temperature, and is still inside the Onsen. You can see from the window that there is an outdoor pool.

outdoor 3

Ta-da! I walked outside and is surprised by the beautiful landscape. It started snowing and it was really great lying down in the hot spring water, with the snow flakes landing on the spring water.

outdoor 1

Look at the great view!


After you enjoyed your sauna and/or your onsen, you can go to the vanity desk to do your grooming. There are plenty of moisturer, hair tonic, hair lotion, sterilized combs, hair dryer, cotton swap etc for you to enjoy.


Oh just to show you the view from the outside. This is the lady onsen.
Males and females are separated, but I heard there are traditional onsen where it is mixed.

guide 1

Just some comics for the onsen to educate tourists on what to do and what's not to do in an onsen....

A video of the whole Onsen.
I manage to take this video when there is no one in. So no nude inside! :P

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