Thursday, February 5, 2015

Depositing money for good luck on Li Chun - You are doing it WRONG

Have you been queuing up to deposit cash yesterday for Chinese New Year luck?
If yes, you may have been queuing up to GIVE good luck to the bank, NOT you.

If you have been depositing with cash from your wallet, thank you for giving money to the bank.
Next year I will be withdrawing cash from the bank on Li Chun.

Text extracted from the photo
"Let me share with you all the correct ways to fulfill the actual effect of the practice
1) You have to queue in the bank, not the machine.
2) The money you deposit must be cash, not cheque.
3) The money must be either your ang pow money or money people pay/give you. (eg. salary, profits from 4D or investments etc)
If you don't have money to deposit on that day, that is okay. Most importantly, is you must definitely have a lot of money in your wallet/purse that day. Don't take money out from your wallet and deposit into the bank. By doing so, you just cause yourself to be poorer and the banks to be richer.
That's why many people always have to pay finance charges, credit cards fees to the banks every year. Because from the start, you already queue to pay them...
Hope these clear all the doubts and better understand this practice...

To be fair to "Cheques" and "Machines, when these traditions were formed, there were no such "cash-deposit machines" and no such things as "cheques" or "internet transfer" so of course only cash allowed.
Now that they are invented liao, just that tradition never catch up.... Going by the the idea where paper money replace precious metal coins, cheques and internet deposits is having the same value as where once paper money replace precious metal coins.

I have friends who has stopped this practise and ironically, getting richer and richer every year... hahaha

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