Monday, May 4, 2015

Tokyo Part 7 - Tokyo Station's goodies and Tokyo Metropolitan Tower

Surprisingly the Tokyo Metropolitan Tower is free entry, offering tourists and residents a good bird's eye view of the city. It is located near to our hotel... took us till the last day to visit. haha.

tokyo metropolitan tower 1

I was expecting some lousy view, given that it is free, but was pleasantly surprised to find a pretty decent view.

tokyo metropolitan tower 2

You can see a large patch of forest left untouched, giving the city a much needed green lung.

tokyo metropolitan tower 3

Couple pose....

And then we went to the Tokyo Station!
The Tokyo Station is a metro station in the heart of tokyo, and it is famous among tourists for the tons of confectionery shops!
There are tons of cakes, cookies, pastries to buy! And all wrapped up in nice gift papers for you to bring home. Tokyo Banana is here.
I spent about an hour shopping and walking around, before realising...

I had NOT even exited the metro station.
That was how big the metro station is. Browsed and shopped like crazy, and we were not even out of the station yet.

tokyo station 2 - premium kitkat
Kit Kat, a not so Japanese company that has learnt to embrace the Japanese's attention to variety.

tokyo station 2 - pastry paradise 2

The huge oven behind... baking the pastries fresh for the never-ending customers.

tokyo station 2 - pastry paradise 1
Lots and lots of different brands and different varieties.
Just realised the Tokyo Station is 100 years old...

tokyo station 1 - character street
At the heart of the anime characters area at Tokyo Station, headed by this instant noodle duck!

I wished I had more photos, but I was too tired.... LOL

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