Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tokyo Part 6 - Shinjuku - horse sashimi and more

Shinjuku is like the extremely busy CBD area of Tokyo.
And its the busiest CBD I have ever seen.

The train station is ALWAYS CROWDED. Even till midnight, 1am plus, I can still see the SAME AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC as if it is daytime peak period.
I am seriously mind boggled by the huge amount of pedestrian traffic....

It was so fascinating, I forgot to take photos.. haha!

Oh well :D
I have lots of food pictures though. Let the food porn begins...

shinjuku supper - pork nabe 1

Pork Nabe- Something like hot pot.
but much more plainer and simple fare....

shinjuku supper - pork nabe 2

A couple photo with the pork nabe

shinjuku supper - horse sashimi

Horse Sashimi!
Tough and dense meat, very strong tastes along with the garlic condiment at the side.
Interesting that they serve horse sashimi.

shinjuku supper - gyoza
Their dumplings! Prepared and cooked as 1 large dumpling, which you tear out the dumplings individually to eat....

shinjuku curry udon for breakfast

Curry udon! I saw a lot of office workers queueing up at this eatery, so we joined in.
The Japanese are considerate people, they provided aprons for you to eat the soup udon, so that you would not dirty your office clothes.

shinjuku gyu kaku

One of our grilled meal at a grill restaurant. Compared to korean grill, it is so much less smoky!
Probably because of the air vent. We left close to the closing hours, and we saw the staff meticulously take down other vents and clean it up.
The meat quality is really good.

shinjuku chirashi don & crab leg don

This is our last meal before we caught the train to the airport back to Singapore actually. And it was delicious, seafood don, basically a bowl of rice and seafood. and a ricebowl of cooked crab meat.

shinjuku shopping for baobao 1

Issey Miyaki bags - we went shopping, and apparently issey miyaki bags were snatched up every morning, so much that they had to ration out the new bags. Look at the shelf below, completed void.
Much of the clients are Thais, and of course, the China tourists...

shinjuku 3d printer 1

Found a 3D printer sold at their electronics store (BIC) Kinda cool, if they had offered shipping, I might have bought this home just to play with it...

shinjuku 3d printer 2

Surprised at so many 3D printers sold at a reasonable price.

shinjuku samantha hello kitty bags

Samantha Hello Kitty Bags, at a decorated Hello Kitty Staircase...

shinjuku street shopping

One of the street wares sold openly. The gadget was dancing around, I tried looking up and around for wires, but couldn't find any.
I am sure there is a simple explanation for this.

shinjuku lighting

The lighting decorations opposite the Shinjuku metro station.
Oh well, thats all for the area we reside in. Ironically, this is the area our hotel is located and yet the place that we took the least photos of all....

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