Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Politician -Kevryn Lim: do we really need a pretty face?

Many voters do remember Nicole Seah, so much that her political party, NSP, is widely known as
"Nicole Seah Party".

(Actually NSP stands for National Solidarity Party.

For this upcoming General Election 2015, Nicole Seah has voiced out that she would not be running. Hence NSP has lost one of its 'hottest' weapon.

And.... it has launched another hot weapon.

Kevryn Lim.

At first glance, I was wondering if NSP is a serious political party. I was hoping NSP has some serious candidates with important qualities. I mean, this is about the ruling of the nation, and not some beauty contest.

but then the photos keep flowing...

I really hope Kevryn Lim has some substance beside having a beautiful face and fantastic figure. The good thing is that she was an active school volunteer. She has volunteered at the Activ Foundation for a year and went on a volunteer trip for two months in Central America. I would prefer someone with a good heart in the government.

I admit that most of us just dismissed her off just because she is a pretty face. However, who said that a pretty face cannot be capable in politics and in leadership.
Lets hold the judgement for now and let us see what she can offer in the coming election rallies.

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