Friday, August 21, 2015

Honey - my new superfood!

Recently I have been having a hundred-days-cough and some close friends recommended me to take honey regularly for health. I do not like it at first, since I do not have a sweet tooth and prefer salty food. However, I do feel better in the morning and has a greater energy level. And my hundred days cough has finally stopped, so i guess i am pretty convinced of the healing properties.
I decided to take them regularly and feel so much better at work. Reading about all this honey effect gives me a boost mentally. I learnt that honey has been used in ayurvedic medicine in India for at least 4000 years and is considered to affect all three of the body’s primitive material imbalances positively. 

It is also said to be useful useful in improving eyesight, weight loss (i am really curious why!), curing impotence and premature ejaculation, urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and nausea.
Honey is referred as “Yogavahi” since it has a quality of penetrating the deepest tissues of the body. When honey is used with other herbal preparations, it enhances the medicinal qualities of those preparations and also helps them to reach the deeper tissues.
Not just in eastern civilisation that has discovered the health benefits of honey, but western civilisations too:-
“My son, eat thou honey, for it is good” — King Solomon – Proverbs: 24:13
Well here are some famous Health Benefits:
1. Provides relief for cough and throat irritation:
Honey provides a soothingly relief for cough and throat irritation. In a study of 110 children, a single serving of honey was proved as effective as a single dose of dextromethorphan in relieving nocturnal cough and allowing proper sleep. Honey is a natural cough medicine.
2. Honey is Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal:
"All honey is antibacterial, because the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide,” said Peter Molan, director of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Due to such anti-bacterial properties, honey leads to the next point...
3. Reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders.
Recent research shows that honey treatment may help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. Many people likes to take a spoonful of honey to alleviate their stomach disorders.
4. Honey prevents heart disease and Cancer:
There are flavonoids in natural honey. Flavonoids are antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.
5. Blood sugar regulation:
Honey contains an exact combination of fructose and glucose that actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Some honeys have a low hypoglycemic index, so they would not spike up your blood sugar level. The frutose and glucose combination is very different from those in white sugar and artificial sweeteners.
6. Probiotic:
There is a large amount of probiotic that exists in some varieties of honey. So far, researchers have identity up to 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria.
7. Increase athletic performance.
In ancient Olympic, competing athletes would eat honey and dried figs to enhance their athletic performance. Modern studies has proved that it is superior in maintaining glycogen levels and improving recovery time than other energy boosters.
8. Honey gives Beautiful skin:
Thanks to its anti-bacterial qualities, honey is very moisturising and nourishing to the skin. Some of the famous and effective products that helps alleviate dry skin or eczema condition are honey-based, such as the Comvita Derma Cream. Another example is the Royal Nectar Facemask, used regularly by Duchess Kate Middleton as well to maintain her beautiful skin. These are great skin products bolstered by the benefits of honey. 

9. Heal wounds and burns:
Applying honey to wounds and burns has been proved to be as effective as conventional treatment with silver sulfadiazene. It seems that the drying effect of the simple sugars and honey’s anti-bacterial properties combine to create this effect.

All these benefits I learnt from friends and I hope that you can drop by and LIKE for more such useful health and beauty tips!
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Thank you humble bees for your hard work!

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