Friday, March 27, 2015

Otaru, Hokkaido - Dec 2014

After the ski resort, and the visits of major attractions in Sapporo, we decided to visit a small town just outside Sapporo - Otaru.

Otaru is famous for its glassware, canals and... small town atmosphere, i guess.

otaru 2

We walked along the canals with friends... It was quite fun with friends snowballing making funny photos

otaru 3 - canal

A must-do... couple pose.

otaru 5

Not sure what the buildings are. Seems like Clarke Quay in winter time...

otaru 7

The wooden structures in the slopes, I am very curious on what they are and how they stabilize the slopes.

otaru 8 - rainbow icecream 2

We ordered a 7 flavours rainbow ice cream!

otaru 9 - le tao cafe 2

After finishing our cakes at Le Tao, we went to the rooftop area and chilled.

otaru 10 - snowing at railway station 1

Waiting for the train back.. It started snowing heavily! =)

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