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Rusutse Ski Resort, Hokkaido Dec 2014

We have lots of good time in Onsen (hot spring) at this resort too, but I posted that in a separate blogpost here - http://wiseoftheday.blogspot.sg/2015/01/onsen-with-outdoor-spring-in-sapporo.html

Off we go to visit a winter resort in Hokkaido, for some skiing!!

view from resort room 2

Here is the view from our hotel room. White white white!

view from resort room 1

Snow covered landscape....

ski instructor

Before we can ski, we must take lessons, so we hired a personal coach to guide us to ski. We were lucky that the ski is not packed at this time of the year, so the coach has all the time in the world for us.
Ironically, all of us were from countries without snow... he is from Australia and we are from Singapore. LOL

resort room 1

Our cosy room where we lazed and chill...

Japanese style conference room 2

I found a room where I can give a speech....

Japanese style conference room 1

I apologise for your mistakes!

first skiing day 11

Skiing time! Look at the Wife all suited up!

first skiing day 10

Me posing in front of the ski lift. I actually took a long time to "walk" to the ski lift.
It got even worse during operation ski time, where you have a little pressure from the experienced skiiers... LOL

first skiing day 9

Two of on the ski lift, trying N times with the camera timer and many ways to prop up the camera...

first skiing day 6

A footise! (as opposed to a selfie)

first skiing day 2

Okay all suit up, and ready to ROLL!

(i hate to say this, but I must have rolled down the slopes N times....)

2nd skiing day 13

2nd skiing day 14

Plenty of skiers, while skiing down, we were really worried of crashing into some other skiers. We didn't but I saw a few boys crashing into each other.
Heehee, it was pretty funny...

2nd skiing day 3

The top of the ski cable lift.

2nd skiing day 5
The view before we drop down....
2nd skiing day 4

2nd skiing day 2

A wider view from the top of the beginner's slope

2nd skiing day 1

This is the path towards the intermediate ski route. We were not allowed as the snow amount is not heavy enough to cover it.
I won't dare to try it anyway.

2nd skiing day 6

Alright the Missy is ready. Here we go!

2nd skiing day 7

The look of fear on my face before I start...

2nd skiing day 11
Uhm, if you must know, this was NOT taken while I was skiing down. It was taken after I crashed. HAHAHA.

2nd skiing day 10

Another fall.

2nd skiing day 9

A snowboarder fell. And here I fell too......

2nd skiing day 8

One of the times when both of us fell and have time for a selfie... LOL

2nd skiing day 15

The skies really look gloomy near the end, thats when we decided to call it a day and have a rest.

dinner 2

We had a fantastic dinner that night. We order a hot pot of soup, the largest plate of sashimi, and some small, exotic dishes.
We bought a packaged resort stay, with vouchers of a certain dollar amount.
We order beyond the limit, and when I wanted to pay the extra yens to the cashier after the meal, the cashier refuses and just waive it for us! Its only a few hundred yens extra, but the gesture really make us appreciate this resort a lot more.

dinner 1

These are the 3 exotic dishes. The clam shell is Crab leg boiled in scallop essence and butter. The round stuff is some exotic fish' livers.
The last bowl is some octopus innards... kinda gross. We did not finished this nor the livers :P

carousel 1

When there is nothing to do, we ride the carousel. One big carousel for us.. and some other tourists. There are a few Singapore tourists, judging from the unmistakeable accent.

carousel 4

Riding the carousel like a thug.

carousel 3

The Missy looks more gentle on the childhood carousel.

angel's first snowing day 1

We decided to walk out of the resort to look for other interesting places. Unfortunately as it is non-peak season, most other restaurants or outlets are closed.
The 7-Eleven is opened, where we visited and bought many snacks, but thats about it.

We almost gave up looking for another place to have lunch when we finally found an open restaurant.

lunch 3

And we got in just before the snowstorm!

lunch 2

Our meals at the snowstorm. The window scenery did not appear well... it was just.. whitewashed.

lunch 1

My tonkatsu, with freshly grind sesame seeds, fresh lettuce, and Her cold soba with tempura.

winter lights 3

At night, the resort is quite nicely lit up with Xmas decorations too. There are plenty of nice decoration, not too flashy like Orchard Road, but homely and has the feel of an american village.
Oops.. forgot to take photos of most of the decorations...

winter lights 2

But this tree we did take, coz its huge.


This photo was taken without any filter. It was goldenish because of the yellow spotlight nearby.
These cabins can be rented too, they are with modern fitting (except Wifi) and I see a cabin lit and with a family inside relaxing and enjoying their vacations.

first skiing day 5

This has been one of the best experience so far!
I definitely would like to ski again!

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