Monday, September 7, 2015

GE2015 - Talents are flowing to Opposition

One of the thing that most Singaporeans, including me, that are fearful of voting for opposition parties is because the quality of the candidates are frightening low. Many candidates oppose for the sake of opposing, whine incessantly and yet do not provide suitable alternate solutions.
A lot of them have questionable backgrounds... the most famous example would be Steve Chia who probably single-handedly threw the opposition back 10 years when his wife lodged a police report when naked photos of their maid were discovered in Steve Chia's computer.
(Steve Chia insisted those were artistic photos)

Fortunately, this seems to be changing....

As early as SG GE2006, I was at the election rally at AMK and I remember some new opposition members were at rally explaining how their decisions to stand for election affects their family.

One candidate mentioned his grandma went on her knees to beg him to reconsider.

I was young, naive and did not understand political history. But I was genuinely saddened that Singaporeans are discouraged to take an active interest in politics. Or rather, discouraged to act in the opposition's interest.

When GE 2011 arrived, Singapore was totally stunned by the new candidates for Worker's Party. There was a list of impressive candidates, most notably Chen Show Mao, a high flying lawyer who Low Thia Khiang persuaded to return to Singapore to join the Workers' Party.

Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao, Pritam Singh, Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap, these 5 highly qualified and educated candidates went on to become the first opposition candidates to win a GRC, a first in Singapore history.

Fast forward to the present, GE 2015 and I am sooooo glad that there are many good candidates in opposition parties now.

Workers' Party has attracted a tremendous amount of good quality, educated volunteers and representative candidates.

Leon Perera stands out extremely as someone who I expect PAP to unveil as their candidates.
He speaks well, with great understanding of the topic on hand and his proposed solutions work well, populist but not financially bad for the country.

And there are plenty more, He Ting Ru, Terrence Tan, etc etc, from corporate lawyers to successful entrepreneurs to senior civil servants.

And I am glad to hear more good quality candidates as well in other opposition parties.

For now, I think the Parties can be divided into three

Majority Party - PAP
Minority Party - WP

Opposition Parties - All other opposition parties.

SDP though is the most unique dark horse. I am having a lot of new respect for Dr Chee... though that would be another blog post.

And here is some eye candies that are relevant to GE2015

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