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Should I do an Ecommerce in Singapore?

I have been dealing with ecommerce for a few years now. Some friends have been asking me how to start on e-commerce.

My local sales is about $150k SGD per month with about 500 SKUs, while my Amazon USA sales can break $200k a month (in the peak season) with only less than 20 SKUs. The local company has enough profitability record to purchase and finance to own our own property in Singapore for our expansion.

I am no guru, and no suitable courses to share. I will be sharing a few pointers for newbies on ecommerce.

TLDR version:-

Do Aamzon USA if possible.

Local (Singapore) Ecommerce is easier to start with lower capital, easier learning curve, and more leeways to repair mistakes and manage the business.

Local Singapore Market Places

  1. Shopee
  2. Lazada
  3. Qoo10
  4. Carousell
  5. Own Websites (.com or
Qoo10 used to the king of e-commerce in Singapore but Shopee and Lazada are the biggest platform marketplaces now. 
Carousell is great for newbie, but only for goods that are relatively higher value. If not you are going to be doing a lot of manual work, which may not be worth it. 

Doing your own website is tedious but its a must if you want to build your own brand and services in the long run.

Advantages of doing local ecommerce

  • Lower capital required
  • Shipping goods from China to Singapore is easy
  • Advantages of using alibaba, aliexpress, taobao etc.
  • Easy to manage and handle goods, refunds, customer services
  • Home ground advantage
  • You can even start with no warehouse, but shipping out of your own home

Disadvantage of doing local ecommerce

  • Small market (only 5m population)
  • Very difficult to scale out.

Overseas Market Places

  1. Amazon USA
  2. Amazon Europe (or other Amazon marketplaces)
  3. Ebay
  4. Shopify with dropshipping

Advantages of doing international marketplaces

  • Large market size (400m for USA)
  • Easier to scale up or to other regional places

Disadvantages of overseas marketing

  • Large capital needed.
  • Difficult to handle refunds, product flaws or shortcoming.
  • Steep learning curve
  • Lots of extra costs involved
I will say huge capital is needed. If you bootstrap, i think $10,000 USD is required.
If you want to do well, perhaps at least $30,000 to $50,000 for a few SKUs of products.
Amazon is fiercely competitively, and you may face lots of extra costs, from shipping, customer services, PPC (advertisement costs) to even disposal of units. Yes, you have to pay Amazon to throw away your units.

And since you are unable to handle and manage your own units, even small defects or missing accessories that can be easily fixed are not fixable when you are doing Amazon or eBay sales because your goods are in Amazon or 3PL (third party) logistic warehouse.
We have thrown away goods with silly flaws, simply because it costs too much to fix it.

For example, if an important sticker is missing or some part is problematic
1) Ship from Amazon warehouse to your 3PL warehouse = shipping costs
2) Acceptance and handling of goods costs in 3PL
3) Fixing of the problems in 3PL = at least $0.50 per unit or more
4) Reboxing and shipping back to Amazon warehouse for asles

How do I get started on e-commerce?

If you have at least $10,000 USD and more, go for Amazon.
Its a steeper learning curve, but one that can get you out of Singapore.
Doing local e-commerce is easy but you would not get super rich doing local business, go for the skies, go for international market.

If you need help, google for Jungle Scout, read through their case study and learn via their course.
You can also google for Helium 10, its another great way to learn about Amazon.
Learning from them is FREE.

Here are the Amazon vendors that I have used and highly recommended
  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium 10
  • Viral Launch (for getting the statistics in researching products)
Have fun and remember, most people failed in starting their businesses not because its hard. Its because they think that its easy to get rich, and forgot that starting a business is just work. Highly rewarding work if you are prepared to work hard and learn hard.

Hope you can start your own business and if you succeed, do donate money to local educational charities :)

    Saturday, June 20, 2020

    A simple interview on lessons learnt from failed businesses to 8 figures ecommerce.

    Hi everyone
    in eCommerce now.

    I started off doing small business as a student... found out I like it
    when I graduated, started off in insurance, found a bit of success, become top 20 agents, promoted to be a manager, unit got off to top 20 in the first year
    but become super disillusioned.

    realized being an insurance adviser was not a businessman but as an agent, it's a fantastic career (if you are young and want one, go talk to an agent in this chat for this wonderful career)
    so decided to do business...

    obviously.... I lost tons of money in my first biz 😂😂😂

    sell scientific toys and stuff to schools. I remember when first started, each school average enrollment is around 1800

    after a few years of declining sales, we decided to bite the bullet and expand
    books and more books...

    hire more staff, expand our scales

    lesson 1- do not throw good money after bad money

    by the time I bite the bullet and abandon this company, I already 6 figure losses
    whatever I saved from insurance sales, I spent all. hahahhaha

    at that time school enrollment is abt 1200 per school
    u can see the difference? 600 drop PER SCHOOL

    lesson 2-  don't fight the trend

    seriously don't fight the demographics...
    i tried fighting by expanding the varieties and scales and whatsoever....

    but so little children left, what can we do

    like if one range of your business or YOUR whole business is losing money
    most of us, INCLUDING me, like to expand more resources to get it going...

    Like hire more salesperson, increase more goods variety                      

    in fact, we made another such issue last month
    one of my eCommerce sub-branch was doing beauty products, working with bio essence, Ginevra, gatsby, etc, etc
    we did for 1 year, and sales were still not scaled up...

    so my partner and I, we decided to bite the bullet, close it and move on
    I reject all motions to try anything new in this branch.


    you have this #tryonemoretime

    but i disagree liao.... of course not all situations, but i find most Asian businessmen got too emotionally attached                      
    so now I training and learning do not be emotionally attached to your products                      

    yeah after leaving the books/toy companies
    Chiong up to learn in the corporate world a bit... didn't stray too long

    (oh yah big regret, should have learned in the corporate world after graduating instead of chasing money in sales)

    form a small partnership to sell goods online with a partner
    go deep to find a niche
    started off with a small niche area...
    then once successful in 1, whack 2nd niche, then whack 3rd niche    
    at the beginning it was hectic, we were doing double digits month on month growth but at the same time, still keep trying new and new products

    lesson 3- find good partners


    my partner is 10 years younger than me... he is a lot more energetic and savvy
    because he chiong so fast and so hard, I have no rest, and because I do not want to let him down
    when he runs, i will run too
    so i run a lot faster than if I run alone

    the good thing is because of my sales experience and older experience, he finds my methods and slower way of doing biz useful to constrain him at times too

    #workwithsomeone lesson 4? or was it 3                      

    7 figures yearly lor
    but really no satisfaction at that time. I was flying 4-5 times a year, and corporate office call me when I want to skip a stupid 3 day Dubai trip (seriously;y fly there sleep 1 night, then fly home again) because if I don't give face, then corporate head don't want to give face to me next time                      

    so I realized... what businessman? I am just their agent.

    life insurance agent. of course got 3 GI license too.....                      
    one thing abt business
    u must really find partners to work with u, this is the valuable part of it
    u can find a good partner, u will run faster than u can run alone

    insurance is a fantastic career. if u like money, u work really hard, it's not possible for your income to be below 5 figures
    I have seen both warm market agents and cold market agents (street prospecting and roadshows)
    in both cases, i have seen career agents

    the only unifying theme is - hard work

    anyway eCommerce is good
    one thing abt being old (for me) is that I v reluctant and stupider to learn new things

    but really force me to learn, simi SEM lah, SEO, FB Marketing lah, CTR lah, CPA lah, pixel lah
    wah liew I really force myself to learn

    Tuesday, August 6, 2019

    Expanding your business

    Once your business start running, it is critical that you start expanding. Expanding is no longer an after-thought, it is now necessary to think ahead and plan ahead for expansion. This allows you to maximize the YEAH Income formula and bring more income not just to your family and you, but to your existing staff too.
    There are 2 common restraints to business expansion
    1. Skilled manpower or Talents
    2. Capital


    Financial capital is always an on-going business matter, from the first seed money for your untested, new business, to a much bigger amount for scaling and expansion. 

    working capital for a business

    Large transnational corporations can issue bonds and stocks, and credibility for large bank loans. Extremely unique or wonderful startups may have access to angel investors or venture capitalists. Most of us, however, may have to stick to traditional and smaller ways of capital access
    These are the usual way of getting capital for business, ranked from the beginning to a larger amount.
    1. Personal Savings and Investments
    2. Personal loans, credit
    3. Spouse, family and friend loans
    4.  Business loans from banks and credit facilities
    5. Joint Venture capital or loan backed by partners

    Personal Money

    For most new businessmen, the easiest way of starting a business is via your own savings. You may liquidate some unit trusts, stocks, or even your home for the cash to start a business, or use cash from your savings or fixed deposits. You usually meet little or no objection, since these are your own money. Do note, always discuss with your spouse on this. 

    Money is the #1 issue why divorces happen, and even if it is your own money from your own career, you should respect your spouse and discuss this. If you are young, you may want to consult your parents too. This is not about permission, it is a healthy form of respect that will help you as you grow in strength.

    Personal Loan and Credit

    This is another common way, where you can seek personal loans from banks based on your current salary. I have heard of people who have a lucrative career, borrowed large sums based on his payslip, and quit his job to start a business. The bankers would have frowned as the loan was based on his salary monthly repayment ability, but it is completely legal.

    I would not suggest this though. It might be better to start off a small scale business with your own savings rather than credit or loans. The reason is that you are new in business and you have 101 things to take care of and learn. Interest repayment, credibility, may not be something you want to add on to your stress.
    However, if your business is tested and tried, and you are fairly confident (there is no 100% in life), then you may consider using personal loans because your business probably has not reached the years of operation required and the great accounting needed for banks to consider corporate loans.

    I personally used many credit card balance transfers (roughly 2 to 4% per annual interest rate, NOT 24%) promotion rate (only valid for 6-month loans. Not only is the interest rate much lower for short 6-month promotion balance transfer, but it also forces me to be nimble and handle my maths correctly, that I must ensure my goods get sold and I recovered the full capital within 6 months.

    As recommend, always discuss with your spouse as personal loans do affect your family.
    Spouse, family and friend loans

    Your relatives and spouse are the biggest supporters, but please do consider carefully before asking for a loan. You will be hard-pressed to pay back if the business failed, and I have seen my own personal cases where relatives do not speak to each other due to old, bad debts. Do not let this affect your relationship with your family.

    Having said that, if you do have a fairly valid business model, and if you seek family help for financial capital, do note on this:- ALWAYS HAVE THE INTENTION TO PAY BACK. 

    This makes sure you are very careful with the capital and do not overspend, or over ordered the volume of goods. The biggest mistake one can get with "other people's money" is the lack of ownership and responsibility and splurge on risky business expansion and doom oneself to financial ruins. It may not be your personal money but once you lose it, you lose your reputation, your morale, your workflow, and worst of all your relatives or friends. 

    Be more careful of other's money than with your own money.

    Business Loans

    Every country and banking sector has its preferred years of operations, but usually, banks only lend out money to a business of at least 2-3 years in operation, sometimes with the insistence of the business owners and directors as personal guarantors. 
    They will check the accounts for the past 1-2 years to assess the amount of risk you possess and then offer a deal.

    In Singapore, companies usually require 2 years of operation, and the business loan interest is around 7-9% from a bank, and 15% and more from finance companies. Financial companies are less strict and provide more loans, at higher rates though.

    This is why when you start a business, ACCOUNTING is very important. It helps you to stay legal with proper corporate tax payment, it is also the key to how much capital banks will lend you in the future.

    Talents in your business

    There are 2 ways of getting talents to expand and run your business
    1. Hire experienced staff and let them lead and grow
    2. Hire inexperienced staff and train them.

    Hiring new staff (and possibly training them from scratch)

    One of the best ways of building a beautiful business culture is hiring fresh graduates. They are new to society and you can attract those who are similar to your work culture. Do note that they will have a steep learning culture to learn and adapt not just to society, but how things work in real life. Many of them are used to students' life, and non-punishing deadlines or non-serious issues, and you need to adapt to their learning curves. If not, they may leave your company soon.
    Some of the best staff we have are hired are fresh graduates, and we are proud to say that because we manage to interview and filter and provide the correct incentive to the correct person to accept the challenge and join us.

    Getting Great Talents In

    My favourite would be hiring people that have great experience and help you jump start the business. Unfortunately, this is not easy. Let me share why it is difficult to hire great talents
    1. Your salary offer cannot match what big Transnational companies can offer
    2. He may not share your same vision, business culture
    3. He will be concerned (rightly) of the future of your company
    For reason #1, unless you are already making high margins and high volume, usually we are unable to match the corporate perks and salary that he may be able to find in other companies.

    Business vision

    The future of the company and the business culture can be attractive and compelling to pull real talents to join your business.

    Business Culture

    Small or new businesses have the luxury of starting a brand new business from scratch. There are talents out there who love the challenge of starting something new and learning new things. This can be one of your attractive traits.

    Small family and cozy culture

    Large companies lack the warmth and family closeness of what small business can offer. You may be surprised how many people may choose a cozy working environment with a small knitted group than over any larger salary increase in a colder, corporate workplace. Many of our existing staff are comfortable and happy with the culture, and we dare say that they are working hard and happily here not because of our salary offers. 

    Our salary offers are competitive but nothing to crow about. Our pantries are full, but not to the level of tech unicorns with 10 different ice cream flavours and 20 tea bags brands.

    They stay because they are comfortable, happy, coming daily to a workplace that has a culture that is suitable for their characters.

    Sharing our business culture

    Our biggest draw:-
    1. Simple or NO Dress code
    2. Flexible working hours
    3. Evolving Job Scopes

    Wear what you like!

    When we first started, we were really small, so we started with a casual dress code. Our dress code is: Dress Sensibly. I do not think that there is a need for an office shirt and pants or skirts for the ladies.

    Work anytime you like!

    I set a simple working hours rule, come at 8 am, finish at roughly 5 pm, and all staff has the flexibility to adjust your working hours, the only request is please check with us and give us your reason.  Currently, I have a staff that comes around 5 am, finish at 3 pm or 4 pm, another lady that finishes at 4 pm so that she can go for extra school lessons, and another staff that works longer shift daily so she can have an extra day off for her personal chores.

    Evolving Job = More Learning chances!

    In evolving job scopes, what I am highlighting is that there will always be different challenges in different stages of growth. A person in charge of marketing may have to cross over to customer service and learn good responsive customer service. A graphic designer may need to go through email marketing training with us to understand what is needed for that 1-second hook.
    This is the biggest advantage small businesses can provide for staff:- simple dress code, flexibility and accommodating to each staff's personal needs, and evolving job scope descriptions. 
    Use this to your advantage to recruit people that you can work with, for the long term.

    Features can attract or repel different people

    During the interviews with candidates, I pointed out this dress code, the flexibility of time, evolving job roles, and their reactions will tell me a lot about their characters and preferences. I can guess who will be keen on this job and who I will consider hiring.
    There will always be talents that you love, but their eyes do not light up at the mention of simple dress code, great flexibility, and evolving job scope. In our case, I will not hire them no matter how talented they are. They will only reject your offer or leave in a few months' time because the advantages that you are providing is a mismatch for them.
    These 3 features, dress code, flexibility in timing, and different job challenges are just features, they are advantages to the correct candidates but they can be vast turn-offs to some. I know of candidates who do not like evolving job scope, they have the mindsets that they are specialists and should not be doing other duties. For example, a digital marketer may frown that he needs to create an excel sheet to track sales; he will prefer working for large corporations where each staff's duties are narrow and focused.

    Retaining your talents

    Besides recruiting staff into your company, you also need to retain your staff. If your staff is capable, he or she would have no lack of opportunities outside to work for higher pay or better opportunities. And irony enough, we are in a sector where our staff can learn our eCommerce process and then have their ambition to jump out and start up their own businesses.
    This is normal and you should take joy in this. If your staff can go out and make more money, this means he is giving you a lot of value-adds and you are getting great profits from this. The key to retaining them:- give them more value add.

    Growing with the company

    One of the biggest contributions you can give to your staff is to grow your company. People take pride belonging to a business that is growing by scope, horizontally or vertically. If you stay stagnant, then they are not participating in something new and they will grow tired of it. If their intention is just to make daily living and live day by day, this is not an issue. If your talents want to feel excitement and fulfillment at their career path, they will soon leave you for exciting prospects.
    This is an exciting feature for you. If they work hard, you will work harder, if they work smarter, then you will work smarter. Healthy competitive and healthy pride will encourage both bosses and staff to push the company to higher levels.

    Training and skills

    I offer all our staff time off for them to learn anything, even when it may not be useful to the company. I allow my customer service officer to learn accounting, and promised her a wage increase and a promotion when she has graduated with accounting credentials. Allow your staff to grow with you, both in skills and wages.
    Do allocate time and resources to train your staff, both new and old. Let me share this quote:-
    CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave?
    CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?
    We provide all our staff with opportunities to learn. As a boss, you must be generous to share and train your staff. Do not worry about them leaving, that is an old and traditional mindset that will handicap your company growth. Out of 10 good guys you train, surely 1 or 2 will still leave you. However, those who stay will be able to perform a lot better with the additional skill sets and attitudes.
    When your staff knows that you are generous in training, they know you are not keeping special knowledge hidden from them, they will appreciate this and learn more and work better for your business.

    Your staff is your multipliers of you. 

    With good skills and knowledge, they can be even stronger multipliers of your revenue and profits.

    Monday, July 29, 2019

    Top 5 Forums in Singapore and Malaysia (#1 won't surprise you)

    We love forums, where we can ask anything under our nicknames and not worried about privacy and being embarrassed. And this is a great way to destress at office hours ;)

    What are the top forums in Singapore and Malaysia where we can seek advice or just have fun chit chatting? Let us check out the top 5 forums in Singapore and Malaysia!

    5) Petalbytes for Women in Singapore and Malaysia

    Remember Cozycot or Flowerpods? Those were the old forums in the past that cater to the women's topics. Ladies flocked to them for the best deals, sharing their fashions, health and love stories. Now, is the new Singapore and Malaysia forum for women, including motherhood and family sections where women share stories of and seek advice.

    Their top section? No doubt about it, it is their Love and Romance subforum.

    Fun fact: Petalbytes even has a work-friendly SAFE MODE to discreetly use the forum and looks like you are using Office word editors.  Just toggle the Safe Mode at the top right corner for the forum.

    4)  Malaysia's number 1 forum- Lowyat

    Lowyat is the name of a shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur that is famous for electronics. A forum pops out for tech discussion and evolved into Malaysia's number one forum.

    The topics are diverse and interesting, with many Malaysians participating and giving their two-cents worth. Some debates get hot and heated and you will welcome the diverse views in society. Manglish is widely used, with English, Malay and Cantonese making Lowyat home-sweet-home to all malaysians.

    Lowyet, Malaysia's #1 Online Forum

    Top section in Lowyat beside their huge mobile phone section? Their Kopitiam section where you can discuss anything you can discuss over a hot cup of kopi-O or milo dinosaur.

    3) SG Talks

    (caption SG talks)

    One of the oldest forum around in Singapore, SG Talks has seen its ups and downs. Over the years, it has evolved and has a regular group of people who talk about stocks, politics and current affairs.

    Top section:- Their Market Talks! discussions about how the market is, costs of living and the average man's savings and investments

    Fun fact: There is an android app for using SG talks to make it convenient for mobile phone usage.

    2) Hardwarezone (owned by SPH)

    Hardwarezone started off as a tech forum, where people logged in to discuss about their PC builds, their graphic cards, sounds cards etc...

    It eventually grow big enough to have such a huge diverse variety of subforums, from travel subforums (and many subsections on different regions), health and fitness to money mind, where people debated on the benefits and costs of stocks, ETF, funds and insurance policies (insurance agents trying to find business are rapidly exposed there). Many of the subforums have grown so large into its own battalions of regulars and experienced seniors.

    SPH which owns the major newspapers in Singapore, took notice of and bought it in 2006 and has since incorporated management with its digital media.

    Their top section? Hardware section. Yup, they have lots of great sections on mobile phones, laptops, electronics part. Actually... their biggest traffic zone is a non-hardware section... a section so huge, it deserves a mention on its own as its own "forum"

    1) EDMW

    EDMW forum, aka Eat Drink Man Woman, is the huge beast in the room. Not just in term of users, but the amount of time each average user spend in this forum. (Goodbye office productivity). As the name implies, Eat-Drink-Man-Woman, this is the coffee shop forum where everything goes, be it food, drinks, man or woman ;)

    It has evolved so huge that it has a life of its own in hardwarezone, and where other users at different sections even frown upon EDMW users and their lingos. EDMW users have their own subculture, lingos that seems funny to most and annoy to some. Even celebrities, such as actors Tay Ping Hui or father of Singapore bloggers- mrbrown has revealed that they do surf EDMW.

    One of the more enduring cultures of highlighting how local dramas tend to "eat medicine" and using this line on one another in EDMW if his opinions differ from the rest. You will love the humour as they whack government officials, celebrities etc.

    Well, hope these forums will bring you joy and fun when you are stressed or while travelling to work. Don't get sucked up mindlessly surfing and get your work productivity wrecked. Have fun!

    Friday, May 17, 2019

    Insurance 101 in Singapore

    What is insurance?

    Protection Money paid. You go temple (or church, or mosque) and you donate a sum of money monthly.
    If nothing happens, the money is gone.

    What is TPD (total permanent disability)?

    1. Take a brown paper bag.
    2. Throw in 2 arms 2 legs and 2 eyes into the brown paper bag.
    3. Give it a good shake.
    4. Take any 2 out of the paper bag.
    Any two, and you are considered TPD, total and permanently disabled.

    What is insurance endowment plans?

    Money given to a big boy who take your money and buys term protection for your life and then give the rest to buy stocks. He earns from the stock, and return you a little money and expect you to be happy about it.

    So its like compulsory savings, but with a big chunk to the salesman.

    What is the best way for buying insurance?

    1. Buy hospital insurance. (if you are singaporean, get a good private medishield plan from insurers using your CPF Medisave money)
    2. Buy some critical illness.
    3. If you have parents or children who depends on your salary, buy some term on your life.
    4. Buy some personal accident plan
    5. Do NOT buy any endowment nor life insurance plans. They are wasting your money.
    6. Take the money saved and buy stocks, or if you do not know how, go buy stock ETF. 
    7. Google for stock ETF.
    8. Go Robo investor=  StashAway, MoneyOwl, etc etc

    Where do I buy personal accident plans?

    NOT from life insurance companies like AIA, Prudential, Great Eastern, NTUC Income, manulife, AXA, etc.

    Buy from a general insurer, where the personal accident plans are so much cheaper. Its the same general insurers that handle insurance for motor cars, travel insurance, home content insurance etc.

    So should I buy whole life plans or endowment plans?

    No. you have not been reading well.
    Buy term plans (only protection with no cash value) and invest the difference in ETF or robo-advisors funds.
    Do NOT buy whole life or endowment from insurance companies.

    Should I buy any ILP or Investment linked Plans from my insurance agents?

    If any agents recommend you ILP, stay away from them.
    These plans are the worst in terms of charges, and has the highest commission for the agents.
    Google them. ILP are the worst villains of this industry. 

    Any agents who promote them are considering their very high commission level.

    Maldives and my sore feet

    just back from the Maldive beaches.

    and oh boy. I have lots of cuts in my feet and legs. cut from snorkeling, from walking along the beach.... the beach is not exactly pure white sand.

    but mostly from stumbling on the rocks just in front of my room.

    Foot Spa for my feet?

    I was wondering my feet is so painful and toughened from the barefooted walking and thinking and pondering on getting these foot peel masks in America. (click on the link to see what i mean)
    Hows that? :D

    anyone tried foot spa for your tired feet?

    i believe its those type of foot care exfoliating masks that help to peel off the hardened layer skin. lol sounds painful.

    btw, these stingrays are really cute seeing from far.

    and yes, Baby Shark... do do dooo.....

    Tuesday, January 29, 2019

    Private Post for Bloggers Jan 2019

    For all instagram influencers and bloggers who love to review products (and receive these products for free)

    Even if you are not Singaporeans, it is alright, I can pay for shipping, and courier these goods to your address.

    I will recommend these items if you want to do reviews. At least 1 from HoneyCity
    Quinoa = anchor word:- Quinoa
    Chia Seed = anchor word-  Chia Seed
    Honey = anchor word- Honey in Singapore
    Vit C = anchor word- Why you should eat Vitamin C?
    Aloe Vera = anchor word- Aloe Vera Vitamin E for skincare

    At least 1 from SeniorCare
    Fish Oil = anchor word- Fish Oils Omega 3-6-9 Flaxseeds and Evenings
    Glucosamine = anchor word- Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplements
    Cantley Wet Wipes = anchor word-  Wet wipes vs Toilet Papers

    If you have other items in mind for reviews, maybe some other items from the websites do drop me an email cedricsoh@gmail dot com or WhatsApp me if you know me directly.

    I have lots of ecommerce websites in USA too, will be happier if you are an American and able to use Prime Shipping. 

    Have lots of fun to all bloggers and IG influencers!
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