Friday, November 23, 2012

Another reason why PSLE top students not announced

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If you are hot on news of PSLE and representation of how stressful it has been on our young children, you would have heard the latest good news:-

No more naming of top students for national exams. (Today online)
Amid the national angst over the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) - and the Government's constant assurance that every school is a good school - the Ministry of Education (MOE) will stop its practice of announcing the top-scoring students in the release of all national examinations results, starting with the PSLE results tomorrow.

Call me skeptical, but I feel there is another big reason why they are not releasing names of PSLE top students, if you observe closely past years PSLE top students.

Many of the top students are foreigners. Many of them are sponsored scholars.

And also because they don't like New Moon 's advertisement strategy.

And it is not just PSLE. The top GCE O levels students in Singapore from 2008 till today are all foreigners (Malaysians and China chinese)
About half of all the top olevel students in each year are foreigners, with probably the same ratio expected for PSLE, to Alevels....

I am all for meritocracy, but when politics is involved, this is one good reason why the government has to stop announcing top students for PSLE and other national examinations.

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