Saturday, November 24, 2012

MOE, stop hiding the PSLE problem. Cure it.

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Even if Ministry of Education keeps mum about top PSLE scores, it still does not cover the fact that PSLE is indeed very important and stressful for students and PARENTS.

Despite MOE's rules, many 'top' schools still find ways to 'showoff' their top students, and glorify themselves. Many parents are still so eager to find out about the TOP schools that they overwhelmed and the website crashed.

To MOE- Stop treating the symptoms only. Don't scold OCBC just because they come out with PSLE leave for their employees. I applaud OCBC for being realistic and creating leave package for their staff to spend precious time with their children. Every parent is concerned about their children's long term future, and PSLE is indeed a very "do-or-die" situation.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms. Don't let our children be graded. Look to Scandinavian countries on their exam systems. Look to Finland, a country that has turned its back on standardised testing and examination models.

Not just that, but various reasons why Finland is so successful.
Some key reasons from What is Finland doing differently?

  • The capabilty of teachers is assessed before they begin teaching, not after. All teachers must have a Master's degree, and only students who graduated at the top of their classes are able to become teachers. Teaching is a revered profession, and favorable working conditions serve as a motivating factor to attract exemplary graduates.
  • To be a leader for education, an individual must be qualified to teach. Making sound decisions, and/or leading a school or district wisely, requires an understanding that comes from within the profession. Although politicians and businessmen may be able to offer valuable insights, they are not trained educators.
  • Equity in education is a necessity, both financially and geographically. If there are to be standardized benchmarks established, it makes sense that the resources necessary for reaching those benchmarks should also be standardized. In Finland, all education, even higher education, is free and consistent.
  • There is a trust in the education system and schools. Revisit the fact that educators have already proven themselves before they were even allowed to enter the profession. In Finland, they are allowed to use their education and experience without the dictates of someone without their qualifications. There is trust in the education system and its leaders.
  • Education reform was a long term proposition, and as such, it remained consistent through the terms of subsequent political leaders. They believed a system as vast as the education system of a nation could not be changed in one, or even two, political terms. Finland set out to reform their school system decades ago, and remained true to their objective.

Ministry of Education, if you don't fix the problem, you will just "cover up" the problem and pretend it doesn't exist. And parents would just find their ways. See,  the top schools are already out on the internet...

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