Monday, November 26, 2012

SMRT Foreign Bus Drivers on Strike!

[Latest Update of 2nd day- Ministers says STRIKE]
[Update on  the SMRT workers strikes]

You hardly see the "ang chia" (hokkien for Red Car, a term to describe the police's anti-riot armoured vehicles) being activated.

The last time it was activated was in 2011 where the North-south MRT line broke down at evening peak hours, and a huge amount of crowd was forced to gather at Bishan interchange. Back then, there were these anti-riot cars parked silently at MRT depot nearby, waiting to be activated.

They were never activated.

These time, the red riot trucks were parked and many police officers were activated.

200 MRT bus drivers on strike! Oh wait... not "strike" but actually "refuse to work"....
Apparently China bus drivers were not happy that Malaysian bus drivers had received $275 increment and a month's bonus but the Chinese nationals were paid $75 extra with no bonus.

200 SMRT bus drivers refuse to go to work over pay issue


In case you were wondering what the 'powerful' unions of Singapore has to say....

SINGAPORE - The National Transport Workers' Union (NTWU) have issued the following statement in response to today's SMRT bus drivers' dispute:

The National Transport Workers' Union (NTWU) does not have the legal mandate to represent the PRC bus workers of SMRT as they are not union members. We urge these workers to return to work immediately as public transport is an essential service for the members of the public. They should approach the Ministry of Manpower or Migrant Workers Centre for assistance. We also urge the workers and management to work together to resolve their disagreement. NTWU is prepared to help in the discussions, if the two parties welcome the involvement of the union. We hope matters can be resolved as soon as possible so as to minimize impact on commuters and other SMRT workers who have to put in extra hours to cover the duties of those who do not show up for work.

Well done, Unions!
Uniquely Singapore!
The only country in the world where union workers cannot "refuse to go to work" (strike) but the non-union workers can.

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