Monday, April 6, 2015

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo - The videos! Dec 2014

Here are some snip videos of the robot restaurant experience.
One great dining experience! Its all music, bright lights and lots of colours.
If you are in Tokyo, just buy the tickets online and visit the outlet for an entertaining night.

These are short, edited videos below, from Part 1 to 8.
The whole show is a lot looooonger

If your internet speed is good, please click on the setting at bottom right of the Youtube video to change to HD...  you can see the colour robots and the Japanese girls much more clearly!

The beginning of the show, where the drum beats set up a good entrance for the performers...

Showing the glamorous side, with shiny horses and sexy cowgirls... The dancers are really good, and the Japanese singing the english pop song is not bad!
Wait for the "robots" playing the guitars and bass.

The emcee asked for a volunteer and one American lady got in one of the big robot and starts to box with the robot opponent. Look at for her in the seat inside the robot itself.

There were so many colours and bright lights I got lost...
I was distracted looking at the cute Japanese babes.

During the interim, some dancers do some dances while the staff was changing the robots
(this is Tokyo, land is a scarce resources, I have to take my hat off them seeing how they optimize the limited performance space with the "backstage" area.)

This is where each dancer gets introduced to the audience. They are so energetic and fun loving. Cute girl waving at me at 0:36

The robot parade starts! Big and small robots come out to greet the crowd.
Notice the interesting HUGE motorised Unicycle?
And of course the tons of bikini girls on top of the robots...

The last part, after about 2 hours of entertaining dance and show...
All the dancers, performances coming out to greet the crowd...
And of course all the brightly coloured float cars and robots...

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