Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tokyo Part 3 - Kabukicho (Red Light District)

We went to Kabukicho!

Kabukicho is the red light district of Tokyo!

Kinda ironic considering that it is just opposite of a busy shopping zone, one packed shopping, food area... but then I guess there is nothing in Tokyo that is not busy.

We did not take many photos there, considering that there are lots of blacks and approach us whenever we linger for a moment, to entice us, you know to see some ladies.
Interestingly for the most homogeneous country in the world, with less than 2% of the population that is foreign, this district has a large number of blacks (as well as some whites) working here. My guess is these people are good at talking to foreign tourists for business.

Interestingly, because it is against the law for prostitutions, the shops here does not openly flash "Sex for sales" or something similar. Instead, the shop flash "Information Counter" and the entrance is covered with a small cloth that blocks the view into the shop.
I was informed that the shop itself is just an empty space manned by a staff, whom you can speak to for your interests and needs. He will then give you the appropriate arrangement for the activity that you desire.

Thankfully, I knew it has to be some dubious stuff... it would have been comical for me to walk to an Information Counter to ask about touristy stuff...

kabukicho 2
One of the large information counter.
The main street is full of smaller, brightly colored shops, a pity I did not take more photos.

kabukicho 1

One of the isolated information counter, but with the signboard slightly different.
It says "Satisfaction Space". I guess it will give you the satisfaction that you desire...

kabukicho 3

One of the cross junction, the place is not just full of such "information counters" there are drinking places, bars, and restaurants as well.
BTW, the famous Robot Restaurant is here as well.
I have many posts about the Robot Restaurants done previously, have a good read and enjoy the videos.

Since I have so little photos, I shall share a HD video of Kabukicho here. Enjoy!

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