Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tokyo Part 5 - Shibuya - Hello Kitty Cafe, Snoopy Cafe

Shibuya is like, hmmm, the Orchard road or Bugis of Tokyo?

We didn't really have a lot of photos of Shibuya, since we were overwhelmed by Hello Kitty Cafe.
The wife insisted that we have to pay a visit to Hello Kitty, since you know, she is native to Japan.

Hello Kitty for all the ladies out there!!!

But, meanwhile.....

shibuya 1

People everywhere!

shibuya 2

I think i stood at this junction for a long time just to take in the feel...

shibuya 3

The crowd... how do they squeeze and crowd with everyone...

shibuya dinner - pomme's omu rice 3

Before the skies darken, we have dinner at Pomme's
They are a chain restaurant famous for omelette rice...

shibuya 4

Night time!

shibuya 5

A bit lousy camera at night time. Funny thing is, I am not sure I am biased against China.. but the crowd here does not seem as chaotic or as squeezed as the crowd in China. Even though I felt that the crowd in China was even more dense...

shibuya hello kitty cafe 7

Finally, onwards to Hello Kitty Cafe!!

shibuya hello kitty cafe 3

Taking some act-cute photos at their photo booths, with their accessories.
Don't judge. :)

shibuya hello kitty cafe 5

The wallpaper full of Hello Kitty, more importantly, the table next to us, is an all-men group! Looks like this is not a too-feminine cafe for all to patronise :D

shibuya hello kitty cafe 4

Our Hello Kitty table mat

shibuya hello kitty cafe 8 - latte & hot chocolate

Hello Kitty coasters, Hello Kitty drinks.
Come to think of that, where's Dear Daniel?

shibuya hello kitty cafe 10- parfait

And our lovely Xmas tree desserts....

shibuya hello kitty cafe 9 - hot chocolate

You know how a kid views his candies... if you eat it, it will be gone..
if you don't eat it... it will be gone too.
Tough life.

And then we decide to visit a Non-Japanese but equally cute character

shibuya snoopy cafe 4
Snoopy Cafe!!
And thats Lucy?

shibuya snoopy cafe 1

Snoopy stuff for sale...

shibuya snoopy cafe 2

Hmm just realised that Snoopy Cafe is operated by Tower Records...

shibuya snoopy cafe 3

Unforunately, not much items on the menus... beside we were too full from Hello Kitty desserts and the omelette rice.

Thats all we had from Shibuya!

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