Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tokyo Part 4 - Owl Cafe at Kiba (& charcoal meat grill)

We found out about an Owl Cafe in Tokyo, that is considered quite an interesting attraction by TripAdvisor.

kiba owl cafe 14

It is tucked neatly in a building's façade, and at our time of visit, has no visitors, except the owner and one of her regulars. (I assume its a regular customer as he was chatting heartily with her)

kiba owl cafe 4

From outside, you can see a hangout-out area for most of the owls... to chill.

kiba owl cafe 3
Here is a closer look at 2 of them

kiba owl cafe 2
This is the look from inside the shop, the owls will turn and look at you when you walk in... LOL

kiba owl cafe 1
Big Owl is looking at you.

kiba owl cafe 11
The look of the cafe, with a large tree... the other customer was relaxing and chatting with the cafe lady.

kiba owl cafe 5
At the other end of the cafe, there are many other smaller parrots and birds.
They were chipping merrily now and then.

kiba owl cafe 6
At a corner, there is a display of bird-themed merchandise that you can purchase.

kiba owl cafe 12 - baby owls
There are 2 cute baby owls at the cashier area, under the care of the cafe lady...
The smaller one is so cute!

kiba owl cafe 9
They are probably siblings... :D

kiba owl cafe 8
The cafe lady will talk about the 2 baby owls now and then. Too bad I don't understand Japanese.

kiba owl cafe 10
Cakes and pudding! The pudding is in an owl's face... haha
Japanese whisky, Yamazaki; and Sweet potato Shochu (wine).

kiba owl cafe 13 - 500yen for 5mins petting 1
If you like, you can pay a small fee and enter the room to pet the owl. The cafe lady will give you some instructions on how to pet the owl...

kiba owl cafe 13 - 500yen for 5mins petting 7
petting the large owl...

kiba owl cafe 13 - 500yen for 5mins petting 5
She looks fierce! (I mean the owl)

kiba owl cafe 13 - 500yen for 5mins petting 2
So many of them to pet...

Too bad owl is not allowed as a pet in Singapore =(
Oh well, Singapore does has its own Owl Coffee....

While exiting the cafe, I found an old style grill restaurant, that is definitely for the locals and not tourists. There is no english menu, no photos, and the chef and waitress does not know how to speak English.
I have to guesstimate and order from the Japanese words, based on the similarity with Chinese characters.

kiba charcoal bbq beef meat & organ 1
Here is a picture of the charcoal glowing... excited.

kiba charcoal bbq beef meat & organ 2
Grilling the marinated meat...

kiba charcoal bbq beef meat & organ 4
A great meal with the chilled noodles... damn appropriate for a bbq meal!

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