Friday, January 11, 2013

Many Opposition members really need to wake up

First the PM Lee said there are many national issues at hand, and he may not call for by-elections because it is distracting.

then now got 1 big AIM saga.... 14 town councils involved. Transparency of town councils, question of whether political parties can own companies, and interests of country vs interests of party....
this one not National Issue, then what is national issue..... punggol coffeeshop $0.10 more expensive is national issue?

Now got 1 big national issue, PM Lee calls for By-Election so that he can get it over with and go on with his national issue.

Ok lor. You happy can liao.


I think the problem with the "Opposition" umbrella is that every mother father's son who dislike the ruling party thinks that he is fit to be an opposition party politician.

And almost every father mother's opposition party accepts any politician-wannabe.

So there is no good QC for the umbrella "opposition" umbrella.
And that harms the opposition a lot.

There are simply too many wannabes (refer to the "experienced politican" in the video), too many attention-seekers (refer to above Mr Zeng Guoyan, 1:11) and too many incapable people.
Yes I know you guys are a brave lot, but do not mistaken "unhappiness" with "better".

Being unhappy with current rules and politics doesn't mean you can do better.
(Refer to most football fans, especially the EPL fans)

The current by-elections really revealed many oppositions to be nothing more than attention-grabbers and desperate plotters.

Yes I am looking at you, Reform Party.
And yes, SDP and SDA, you guys are not much better, given the years of experience you shared.
Stop trying to grab every limelight. Stop desperately trying to elbow your way in.
Stop reminding Singaporeans how majority of the opposition members are really losers.

WP has been fighting in Punggol East. Leave it to them to battle it out with PAP.

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