Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sengkang Square- How many stalls survived?

Much has been said about the Sengkang Square's notorious failed "hawker centre", which is just a privatised non-air conditioned food court by Kopitiam corporation. It has been in the Straits Times for many times for the empty tables and vacated stalls. It is basically a very visible symptom of a failed "privatisation" of a much loved Singapore ventures - the humble hawker centre.

It doesn't need a genius to figure out why Singaporeans love hawker centres despite the humid weather.
- CHEAP and good food.

When you pass the operation of hawker centres to a company that needs to maximise profits to answer to shareholders, Hawker centres lose the main charm.

Of all the food stalls at Sengkang Square, barely only 20% survives. I seriously wonder how the hawker centre will survive in the long run. I hope the authority will take back the operation when the contract ends, and run it as a hawker center and wet market should be run..... low rental - translate into - low food prices.
Residents would love it.

And whenever I visit the food stalls at Sengkang Square, (i love it there as it is very windy during the day), I would love to eat the kway chap at the stall in the corner of the food court.
"Old Bugis Kway Chap". The intestines are really nice and chewy, and the tau-pok and tau-kua are delicious!
Usually my friends and I would order a large plate for supper at late nights and lots of chili. =P

The bak-chou mee stall, "Tang Ren Jie" next to the kway chap is also another long-time survivor. The "Xiao-wan mei" (Small Bowl Noodles) is great, as the soup is tasty and the noodles' textures is great.

Im getting really hungry just thinking about the food.

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