Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Yawning Bread and the lawsuit links

For those who just caught wind of Alex Au being served a lawyer letter from our PM Lee, (blog post here), here is Alex Au's blog, AKA Yawning Bread.

For the article that apologise to PM Lee unreservedly, here is his apology letter.

Here are the 4 articles :-

The first article is removed, as it is the article being referred by the lawyers.

A simple google search would allow you to find the article archived by some readers.
For those who are so curious what could be in the article that warrant a legal letter, you can download it, but please read it with an open mind.

Note: I am not responsible for the content, but I think all readers should be mature enough. We are all adults, please understand that discussion is healthy as long as no allegations are made.
I love Singapore and if any lawyers want me to remove it (I am not sure if what I did is actually correct), please drop me a note.

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