Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bus Fare increase.. to help all of us, again.

You know, it is kinda sad when most Singaporeans (at least those Singaporeans around me) are NOT surprised when the Straits Times announced (as opposed to 'report') that SMRT may increase bus fares to 'improve' bus drivers' wages next year.


You know, it is never to improve CEO or directors' pay. It is never to improve capital returns for shareholders.
PUBLIC transport is a misnomer. They should just call it what it is, PRIVATE transport, run by private transport companies, with their aim to provide highest return to shareholders.

The only reason why it is "public" is because the public is the consumer market.
It is NOT for public. You may as well call our chicken-rice sellers, PUBLIC CHICKEN RICE sellers, because it is exactly the same as our PUBLIC transport. The public is the customer, the owner just wants to make money for all shareholders.

Like Roasted / White chicken, we have 2 'choices in public transport  too.

Eventually, SMRT has to increase MRT fares, because it is for better and safer MRT rides, who are going to pay for all the engineers, and cable ties?

Cable Ties- Solving SMRT's problems

And then, we would have to increase COE and ERP, because, lets face it, who are going to pay for all the extra roads?

The video above just show all of us, why Singaporeans don't marry nor give birth.

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This is like what happened the last time, to increase GST so to help the poor.

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