Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Foreigner Pinoy say Singaporeans are rotten and bitter

I think the anti-foreigner feeling is really strong in Singapore. I really blame the government for allowing so many foreigners in without consideration for locals. As someone who has many foreign friends, I feel a little uneasy that Singaporeans are getting very xenophobia.

But then, as Tanya Chua says....
“I felt like a stranger in my own country.” (source)

Here's the new saga by another foreigner lambasting Singaporeans as "rotten" and "bitter"

Within hours, it has spread wide on the internet. Doesn't Pinoy know better, after the Amy Cheong got fired by NTUC for anti-malay rants on facebook?

Eventually TR Emeritus wrote to Philipines Embassy.

[The letter was sent to the Philippines Embassy and copied to PM Lee, DPM Teo, Minister Shanmugam and TRE]

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the people of Singapore, I want to file a protest to you about one of your countrymen working here, Mr. Carlos R. Pestano III alias Kaye Pestano. As you can see from the attached screenshot, he had been posting inflammatory messages about Singaporeans on his Facebook wall where the whole world can see it. A foolish act like this can only inflame tensions between locals and the Filipino community and undermine the good work you have done so far to promote bilateral ties.

Please remind your people living and working here that they are our guests, and as guests they should respect our people as hosts and not create trouble by behaving in such a disrespectful manner and by interfering in our country’s domestic politics.

Respectfully yours,

Vladimir Tepes (Mr.)

Spread to Our PM Lee's facebook page

AND the internet remembers.
It found out that this guy who insults Singaporeans works at Seagate.
WITHIN HOURS, Seagate receives tons of email on this saga, with CC to ministers and government ministries. 
And not to mention, tons of replies on Seagate facebook pages.

Seagate has no choice but to reply swiftly.

And finally, the main stream media has published this saga.... i won't be surprised to read this in the Straits Times tomorrow.

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012
SINGAPORE - Seagate has posted a statement on its Facebook page saying that it will investigate a Facebook posting by one of its employees which allegedly labelled Singaporeans as 'rotten'.
The statement read: "It has come to Seagate's attention that one of our employees has posted an update on his personal Facebook page that is derogatory.

Seagate to investigate employee for Facebook post"We deeply apologise for this and would like to make it clear that he was speaking in his individual capacity and the post does not reflect Seagate's policy of inclusion and respect for communities in every country we are present in."
The post has since garnered 252 comments, 206 'likes' and 36 shares.
In the Facebook posting by the Seagate employee, the employee allegedly labelled locals as 'rotten' and that Filipinos 'are here to stay'.
The employee also said that most of these 'rotten' locals are working under foreigners 'while they are in their own country' and that was why 'they are bitter'.
Seagate said that it is treating the matter very seriously' even though the employee posted the comment on his personal page.
"We are looking into this matter immediately and will take the necessary disciplinary measures where needed," the statement read.

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