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Li Jiawei- We invested in her, now she's going home!

A family consisting of parents and kids live on an island,
parents started training kids for competitions,
but when their kids did not perform to expectations,
the parents went out to adopt other high-performing kids to win medals for the family and ignored their own kids,
then the adopted kids won medals, and their own kids did not cheer loudly enough,
so the parents though maybe it's the language, and insisted the adopted kids to learn English,
but still their own kids did not cheer loudly enough, the parents wonder why?
when the adopted kids do not wanna play anymore and wants to leave,
the parents then goes out and finds them a new home,
coming home, the parents continue to flaunt the medals won by their ex-adopted kids and see their own fresh-and-blood kids unhappy,
and the parents continue to wonder why.
LBW, do you understand why?
Stop importing talents, use the money to train/promote the sport locally.
Nevermind if their fresh-&-blood kids do not win medals, let them represent the family.
p/s imo, FTW is a realli good TT player.

Notice that pple like Li Jiawei and Feng Tianwei, when questioned whether they would consider themselves a Singaporean would never admit to being one, all they would say is
"I will always be a Singapore PLAYER and i am grateful to be given so many opportunities here."They wouldn't even call themselves a Singaporean for christ's sake, what is there to talk?

if Li Jia Wei had not come to Singapore at all, she would never have made it to the China Olympics team. Now after coming here, she got the chance to play in Olympics, get paid few tens of thousands dollars to say the least, get a Singapore passport that allows her to travel worldwide freely without having to apply visa each time she travels, and she's going back to China after all these goodies??
Good job Singapore!
123, 321, Singapore number 1!

[Source: EDMW thread]
Our FT- Feng Tianwei, throwing flower to her China side during olympics

And now, the fit and proper news from our beloved mainstream media

A grateful Li bids farewell (Source: Today Online)
Veteran table tennis star decides to call it a day after almost two decades

SINGAPORE - In the course of her long career, Singapore table tennis star Li Jiawei became affectionately known as the "ice queen" of the national women's table tennis team.
But the tears flowed freely yesterday as the 31-year-old announced her retirement after a successful competitive career that has raked in two Olympic medals, one World Team Championship winner's medal and numerous other titles.

During the press conference at the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) headquarters in Toa Payoh, during which it was also revealed that pregnant team-mate Sun Beibei is retiring as well, the world No 21-ranked Li struggled to contain her emotions.

"I have been here for about 18 years and I feel a lot of gratitude towards the STTA and Singapore," she said as tears streamed down her cheeks. "I may be leaving the STTA but I will always be a member of the association and I hope they can continue to groom the young talents."

Once ranked as high as world No 3, the Beijing-born Li cited her knee injury as one of the reasons for her decision to quit. She could still be involved with the STTA though.

She will now be based in Beijing with her businessman husband Li Chao and three-year-old son Tianrui. According to STTA President Lee Bee Wah, the STTA are trying to link Li up with potential employers, Singapore companies with offices in the Chinese capital, and her work is likely to involve young children.

Li first arrived in Singapore under the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme and began her competitive career in 1996. A graduate of Beijing's prestigious Shichahai Sports School, whose alumni includes former world No 1 Zhang Yining, Li was a key member of the 2008 Beijing Games team that clinched the women's team silver, Singapore's first Olympic medal in 48 years.

In February 2009, she took a year-long break to prepare for the birth of Tianrui, who was born in October. A year later, she was part of the women's team that stunned China to claim a historic World Team Table Tennis Championships title for Singapore.

But Li said: "For me, the most satisfying moment was at the 2012 Olympic Games because that was after I gave birth to my son. Competing in the final crucial match in London (against South Korea) and playing so well is the most proud and satisfying moment for me. Unlike the 2008 Games, this was a bronze medal but this one is the most significant and meaningful for me."

The five-time Sportswoman of the Year added: "Whatever job I take on in future, I will be contributing to Singapore and that is my wish. I want to continue to repay Singapore for supporting and nurturing me all these 18 years."

Also joining Li and former team-mate Wang Yuegu, who stepped down after the London Games, in retirement is Sun. The 28-year-old, who is expecting her first child in June, has been appointed coach of the youth players in the STTA's School Within a School programme at the Singapore Sports School. Yesterday, Sun said she would consider returning to compete professionally if her recovery goes well.

Lee said the national women's team face a tough road ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. "Our immediate plan is to raise the standards of younger players like Isabelle Li and Yu Mengyu to reach that of the seniors. This is not an easy task but I have great faith in these young players and our new women's team head coach Jing Junhong."

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