Sunday, December 2, 2012

Psy, Gangnam Style at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

[Update: Professional Video of Psy Gangnam Style in MBS]

Look who just came to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore...

PSY is such an entertainer and a wise one. In the middle of the show, he said something smart about acadamic achievements, in a bid to highlight "O school", an organisation that supports teenagers that are weak in academic studies but excel in other talents.

"Academic is something. It is not everything."

He must have heard of our PSLE grouses.

The video quality is not good, because it is taken with a smartphone camera (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, your camera quality disappoints me!).

old school dance group warming up the audience and teaching the audience how to dance gangnam style, and how to do the "sexy lady" part....

O school dance members!

PSY says hi to Singapore and introducing himself as someone who is a "best student" who got suspended countless of time, and telling the audience, "look at where I am now!", " do not give up!"

and the hot favourite everyone is waiting for- Gangnam Style!

Enjoy what you can =D

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