Friday, December 14, 2012

Low Thia Khiang reacts to Michael Palmer's resignation

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Low Thia Khiang reacts to Michael Palmer's resignation

Low Thia Khiang gives his personal reaction to the media. I have to say he gives a very fair opinion, even praising Michael Palmer's past work as Speaker of Parliament.
No mud-slinging, no pointing of fingers.

There was no blasting of the ruling party. (Recall how when WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was involved in an affair, the WP was blasted by the PAP and the mass media).

WP fired its MP and gave the residents of hougang a by-elections.
Would PAP allow a by-election this time? I am guessing that PM Lee would say that by-elections are a national distraction.... and let's move on.

Don't miss 5:48. Low Thia Kiang give a cheeiky smile as he reminds us how hard it is to please everyone... haha!

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