Friday, December 28, 2012

Questions for AIM - PAP Saga

1) How can a political party owns a company that is allowed to convert an essential resource funded by the public to a private one by buying it at a ridiculously low price?

Taxpayers money is used to fund a public system that is sold to a private company. A company owned by a political party.

Nope, you are not in a 3rd world country. You are not in African nation.

2) How can a public resource, essential in daily town services, be subjected to a company which is owned by a political party, to be utilised by the party to terminate its services to a town council operated by an opposition party?

3) How does this sales of a public resources be beneficial to the Town Councils? How can it be justifiable? Were the interests of the residents considered? How can such a move be in the interest of the residents and Singaporeans?

[Source: POcomics]
13 months for profits. 

4) Why is the PAP mixing into business when its only mission should be a political party?

[Source: thecartoonpress]

5) Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
(Latin phrase - "Who will guard the guards themselves?")

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau
Incorporated within the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau is headed by a director who reports directly to the Prime Minister. CPIB is therefore independent from the Singapore Police Force and other government agencies to prevent any undue interference in its investigations.

In Lee Hsien Loong we trust.
In Singapore we trust.

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